Special Treatments


For many centuries the cupping therapy has been used. Nowadays, it is commonly used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Massage). There are a variety of ways that can be applied, at De Masseur we use two techniques:

  • Glass-Cupping
    For this technique, specially designed glasses are used. The inner side of the glasses are heated by a flame, before they are put on specific spots of the body. This negative pressure fosters the decontraction of the muscles as well as it stimulates the workings of the muscle.
    Well appreciated by athletes, this therapy beneftis a speedy recovery.
  • Silicone-Cupping (anticellulite)
    A silicone suction cup is used for this technique. Placed on oiled skin it allows us to slide on the area to work. This will stimulate the detoxification of the subcutaneous areas and thus encourages the elimination of cellulite.
    Attention: This is not a wonder-working technique, a clean-living lifestyle and a minimum of athletic acitivity are requiered to obtain results.


  • Treatment through anticoagulants
  • Pregancy
  • 30 min

  • EUR50.00


Pressotherapy is practiced with the help of boots that go up to the top of the thighs.. Connected to a device, these boots are injected with air and thereby the legs are compressed permitting the drainage and elimination of toxins. It is comparable to a manual massage, alternating between compressions and decompressions.

This method is dedicated to all people suffering from tired legs that feel unbearably heavy. Actually, the morning after the treatment you can feel already an improvement.

This method is also recommended to all athletes after intense practices or competitions, since it enables a speedy recovery.

Generally, this method takes 30 minutes.

  • pro minute

  • EUR1.00

Plantar Reflexology

Plantar reflexology is a foot massage technique that enables relaxation as well as it stimulates the physical functions.
Working on the diffrent reflexive zones of the foot through precise pressure movements fosters an intense relaxation and enables the self-healing mechanisms of the body.

This therapy is recommended to any person seeking an intense relaxation and especially to anyone adoring a foot-massage.

  • 45 min

  • EUR70.00
  • 60 min

  • EUR95.00