De Masseur Corporate is a service specifically designed for companies and self-employers.

Actually, more and more managers and CEO’s give importance to the well-being of their employees. After all, it is well known, that a satisfied employee works more efficiently. Improving the quality of life at work is associated to a better performance which improves profitability. This is why more and more small and bigger enterprises shift towards massage therapy.

Our service is flexible, and completely adaptable to the needs of your company within your ‚well-being’ budget.

Invest in the well-being of your employees

Massages for companies

However, not all entreprise have the infrastructural space to furnish a comfortable massage room, this is why De Masseur developped a formula that enables all companies, indifferent of their size, to access message therapy for their employees. Even more, your employees have advantages that they can benefit from any time they visit one of our locations.
One advantage is that your employees will spend their time of ‚well-being’ outside of the working hours.

Solutions designed for self-employed, SMEs and large companies.
Massages in companies

For any company, preferring to offer even more comfort to their employees, De Masseur offers an internal custom-made massage service.

This service is designed for all the companies that have the infrastructural means to furnish a massage room within their walls.
More precisely, we will take care of the installation of the calm space dedicated to massages.

Hence, your employees can benefit from a little moment of decontractions between meetings or in their lunch breaks, without having to worry about transport.
This service is adaptable to your needs as well as your budget.

Custom-Tailored massage therapy within your walls.